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A weekly podcast that will help you through your week. Whether it is giving you a laugh when you need it most or filling you in on what you’ve been missing. Tom, Q and Gatto will do their best to keep you entertained and leave your sanity intact. Join them each episode as they breakdown the latest news, dish on politics, binge the latest flicks and go deep on sports. The gang always finishes on a high note delivering who were the biggest assholes in the news and what they recommend to entertain you until the next episode drops. The Second Mouse refuses to fall for the traps life has set, its honest commentary in a bullshit world. Subscribe to our Youtube: Like and Follow on Instagram: Email us and tell us what you think, give us your picks or your assholes of the week:

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The Second Mouse Podcast

Join your hosts in a weekly exploration of current events, books, movies and the general goings on. The inspiration for the show was from the short story told throughout the film Catch Me If You Can. While we are not fighting for survival, life lessons will be discussed, debated, and challenged as we dig into many areas of society, sports, and the arts. 

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3 days ago

Okay, so we did a bad. We fell for it and thought Trump was going to jail on Monday...our bad. 
Buuuut...we did have some other great discussions about how noted "breeder" (her words) Bethany Mandel could not define the term woke and got burned on national television and then social media. We also dive into NFL free agency and what that means for the New York Giants and Washington Commandos. 
Q and Tom will also reflect on weather Aaron Rodgers will be insufferable in Green Bay or in New York this year. He doesn't seem to interested in either. 
But that's not all - we want YOU to join the conversation too! Head over to our Discord channel and jump into the discussion. Share your thoughts on the topics we've covered and let us know what you think. We're always looking for new perspectives and insights, so don't be shy.
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We also have your picks of the week and your a%^holes of the week. 
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VC Bros and CEO’s

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Friday Mar 17, 2023

In this week's episode of the Second Mouse Podcast, Tom and Q delve into the recent hysteria surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and the potential pitfalls of venture capitalists with a Twitter presence. The duo also discusses the recent panic surrounding a potential bank run and the plea for government bailouts by some of the biggest critics. Moving on to sports, they discuss the controversy surrounding Lamar Jackson and whether it's a sign of NFL owners taking a stand against paying their players. Additionally, they analyze the early free agency signings in the NFL and predict where the Giants will stand next year with their newly paid quarterback, Daniel Jones.
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On time or Untimely

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Tyler joins the mouse this week and keeps things interesting as we discuss the beginning of spring training and all things soccer. Aside from Q, the mouse is excited for new changes taking effect in MLB and the mouse debates why the new pitch clock is a welcomed change. While East Palestine is feeling the effects of a major disaster, Biden was busy handling things half way around the world, Why does it seem like Presidents never want to address the problems in our own backyard first and how does this blunder effect his reception with small town America? We talk about it all this episode and its a good one with plenty of laughs and things to keep you amused. Don't miss this one!

Friday Feb 24, 2023

Check out this week's episode of the Second Mouse Podcast! Join us as we uncover top-secret intelligence on the whereabouts of our missing third co-host, and explore the questionable presidential run of Nikki Haley - a candidate who, despite her flaws, may offer some irresistible "Jeb Bush moments". We also delve into the ecological disaster unfolding in Ohio, and discuss the Democrats' unforced error in ignoring the situation. And if you're a football fan, don't miss our take on the QB market and the potential impact of Eric Bieniemy on the Commanders.
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#nfl #sports #politics

Gatto Goes to Gitmo

Friday Feb 10, 2023

Friday Feb 10, 2023

We were down a mouse this week luckily Philly showed up and kept Q and Tom from spending the whole episode talking about their fondness for charcuterie and its associated paraphernalia. We've got sports, we've got politics, we've got spy balloons and possibly a few jokes if dark humor and self-flagellation is your gig, you want to hear this. If you love the episode join our discord, we make sure to keep it extra weird for your liking. 

2nd Third Time’s The Charm

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

We talk the wild ride from bore to score as we reflect on philly's auto-pilot through the playoffs and the battle for Burrowhead. While Niners shut down early, a few extra downs in KC had us scratching our heads. Lastly, we give our predictions for the Super Bowl as we head into pro-bowl week.
We turn back in time as we share our most cringe high school stories. Just as we are trying to repress those memories again, friends of the pod chime in with some mind blowing tales of their own. If you have a cringe high school story, join our discord and share it with us! 

Let Byron’s Be By-gone’s

Friday Jan 27, 2023

Friday Jan 27, 2023

We almost renamed this episode 'The Lucky Losers' since we barely touched on any of the teams that won the divisional round, they won, they're good, enough said. Instead we cringe over the how the Giants slept through their game, scratch our heads over the Bills, pretend to be shocked over the Jags and ponder if the curse of the cowboys truly exists (of course not, they just can't string two wins together in the playoffs to save their lives). We touch on the coaching carousel and Brady's season ending demise before we do our best impersonations of gateway pundits, where the only convincible part of that was our blood alcohol levels. Seriously though Biden, get it together, we can barely keep up with the delusional fabrications of George Santos and Steven Crowder. Anyhow, good laughs and even better picks of the week, so listen in if you haven't already. Join our Discord, Watch on Twitch, Tell your friends.  

Friday Jan 20, 2023

We break down the first week of the NFL playoffs, skipping over little to nothing this episode. We talk more coaching carousel and what we think is becoming of Brandon Staley's role with the Chargers. Things were a little different this week (good different if you ask us) as we've taken the pod live on Twitch. Friends of the pod joined in, giving their takes and asking us questions, we loved it and hope to do more of it. We rounded out our NFL discussion with some predictions for this week. We hope you listen in, jump on the discord and let us know what your feelings are about this past week's discussion. 

Thursday Jan 12, 2023

The NFL regular season is officially over which means only one thing: Firings have commenced. Its the time of year that coaches get their performance reviews, unfortunately for them it is pass or get out. The second mouse breakdowns what jobs are open and who might fill them best. We talk Tua in Miami and who might be the best to fill in. Tom reacts to his Washington Commanders and how much they miss Sean McVay on the payroll. Lastly, we make playoff predictions about who will end up in Arizona before reflecting on the hysterically depressing start to most recent congressional session. Just like Lovie, we wonder if McCarthy's days are already numbered as house speaker. 
Don't forget to stick around to the end, we give our weekly assholes (and heroes) of the week and we let know what we have been watching with our picks of the week. This segment is sure not to disappoint, (Proceed with caution: spoilers ahead)

Girl Bossing in the CIA

Friday Jan 06, 2023

Friday Jan 06, 2023

The Holidays are over, its a new year and you've already given up on your resolutions. Cool, us too. What we haven't given up on is bringing you another great episode of the Second Mouse. We drop right into 2023 with a review of The Recruit and why we can only assume the writer's room launched a psyop campaign against itself. We get into all the great sports games we watched during the holidays before landing on our beloved Giants doing what nobody expected them to and how the Commanders Wentz'd themselves out of the wildcard, something they weren't apparently aware of. We talk Michigan Jim, NFL's COY and reflect on who surprised us the most this year players and coaches alike. At some point, We slip briefly into the fabricated reality of George Santos, who's story gets more bizarre by the moment. 
Dont forget our fan favorite segments, where we keep to tradition calling out societies weekly assholes and what caught our eyes in Entertainment.

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